Работа над ошибками.

Перепишите предложения. Выберите правильный ответ. Докажите (поработайте карандашом).

1. What bird has got _____ tail?

a) the beautifulest

b) a most beautiful

c) the most beautiful

d) more beautifuler

2. My father is _____ than my mother.

a) more older

b) the more older

c) older

d) the oldest

3. Who is _____ worst pupil in the class? – I am.

a) -

b) a

c) the

d) than

4. What do you think is _____ interesting computer game?

a) the more

b) the most

c) a

d) a most

5. What do you wear _____ your head?

a) in

b) at

c) on

d) with

6. Yesterday I _____ a new pair of blue jeans.

a) wear

b) wears

c) wore

d) wores

7. The animals were nicer _____ he thought.

a) then

b) what

c) than

d) as

8. My father bought me _____ yesterday.

a) a jeans

b) pair jeans

c) blue jeans

d) a blue jeans

9. My old _____ is black.

a) jacket

b) jaket

c) jackit

d) djacket

10. Where are _____ trousers?

a) my old grey

b) my grey old

c) grey old my

d) old my grey